Sending Church

Central Baptist Church of Decatur, IL
Central Baptist Church of Decatur, IL

Central Baptist Church of Decatur, Illinois, is our sending church and is an independent, fundamental, Bible-believing Baptist Church. The Schultz family is the very first missionary family from the church sent out as missionaries. One of our goals in Zambia is to duplicate the spirit and godliness of Central Baptist Church in the churches we help to establish.  The pastor of Central Baptist Church is Pastor Dave Brown. He has been the pastor of Central Baptist since 1976.

From the Desk of Pastor Dave Brown

The members of Central Baptist Church and I rejoice in the call of Andrew & Jill Schultz to serve as missionaries to the people of ZAMBIA. We also rejoice that we are his sending church. Andy grew up in our church and we have seen him grow into a mighty servant of the Lord.

As his pastor, I’ve had the privilege of seeing the work in Zambia first hand and preached the special dedication service for the church property in Ndola to be used of God.

All those who support Bro. Schultz can be assured of faithful dedication, financial accountability, and proper oversight by his sending church. For those looking for a missionary to support, Bro. Schultz would be an excellent choice and one you would rejoice in partnering with in world evangelism.

Sincerely for Souls,
Dave Brown, Pastor