We began our service to the Lord as Zambian missionaries in June of 1995. We moved from our home in Illinois to Zambia on January 22, 1998. We were first located in the city of Kitwe in the Copperbelt province of Zambia. There we worked with another missionary for 7 months. In August of 1998 after seeing the need in Ndola, the capitol of the Copperbelt province, we moved to Ndola to serve.

Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola is the first church that we organized. We are still working with this church trying to train leaders from the membership. It was not our intention to remain with the first church that we started, but various circumstances, including the sudden death of the Zambian pastor we had been training, has seen fit to keep us with Calvary Baptist.  We are praying for the Lord to raise up a Zambian man who will be able to take over the pastorate.  Until the Lord provides such an individual we are happy to serve in the positions that the Lord has provided.


As Christians first, we feel that our primary responsibility in Zambia is to lead lost people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We are active in not only training Zambian Christians to be soul-winners, but also in reaching the lost ourselves.

Church Planting

It is our desire through the various ministries we engage in to train men who are called of God to serve Him here in Zambia in various capacities. There is a great need in Zambia for indigenous churches that are pastored by Godly, well-trained, and well-educated Zambian men. There is a need for Godly women to be pastor’s wives and leaders of ladies in the church. There is a need for Godly church members who will serve the Lord by standing behind their pastors as deacons and trustees. Our continuing ministry is to train Zambian men and women to fill these vacancies.

Strengthening Believers

An important part of the Great Commission is to train and disciple those who we win to the Lord. This can be a life-long endeavor. There is so much more to being an established Christian than just receiving Jesus as your Savior – there is a relationship that takes years of learning and cultivation to build. Zambia is overwhelmed with various cults that are eager to proselyte new Christians and lead them into an unproductive Christian life.

Family Training

The Godly Christian family is the building block of the Local New Testament Independent Baptist Church. If the families of the church are ungodly then the church itself will suffer with ungodliness. We put a special emphasis on teaching husbands and wives what their Biblical responsibilities are in the family setting. We also offer premarital counseling to those who wish to be married.

Training National Church Leaders

In order for a church to be truly indigenous there must be men and women who have the desire and training to be leaders in the church. These men and women need training and Christian education. An important part of our ministry is trying to identify men and women who feel called to serve God with their life right here in Zambia and assisting in training them for a life of service to the Lord in their own local churches.

Friends of Zambia Library and Learning Center

During our first term on the field it became apparent that the majority of Zambians do not have access to resource materials or literature. The libraries that we have seen are very old and many have not been updated in over 50 years. After 50 years of neglect and pilferage there is not much left. As a result there is very little reading material that is accessible to the average Zambian. We presented this need to our supporters on our first furlough and Christians throughout the United States, Canada, and Asia joined together to build and furnish a library building on our property. Funds were donated for construction, and thousands of books were donated. It was our plan to open the library in the Fall of 2005, but the tragedy of the Calvary Baptist Church building burning down delayed our plans. Through the generous gifts of various people, the Friends of Zambia Library and Learning Center will have a large children’s section, a large reference section, a very large non-fiction section, a modest fiction section, and an impressive theology section. This same building will also serve as a classroom for the men and women who feel called into Christian service as we will be holding our Bible Institute classes there. Future plans include classes for children and adults who want to improve their English skills.

Laborers Needed

There is a great need in Zambia for more missionaries who will tell Zambians how they can know for sure that they are going to Heaven when they die, and help the Christians here organize their own Baptist churches. (If you died today, do you know for sure that Heaven would be your home? If not, please read here about Salvation to learn how you can be sure.)

There is also a great need for Christians who are willing to come to Zambia to work with the youth, the deaf, and the large population of Hindus and Muslims.  There is also a need for Christians to work with the many orphans and widows that have been left behind by the AIDS crisis.