When Andrew and Jill Schultz were married in 1995 they were already surrendered to serve the Lord as missionaries in Zambia. Immediately after their wedding they began the deputation process, even picking up their very first supporting church on their honeymoon! During their deputation their first two children were born. In January of 1998, Andrew and Jill along with their 21 month old son, and 3 month old daughter boarded a flight in Chicago to begin their move to Zambia. In Zambia the Lord again blessed the Schultz family with 2 more girls.

Jill homeschooled all four children and the three eldest Schultz children are now in the United States pursuing God’s Will in their lives. ┬áThe Schultz’ youngest daughter is a high school senior and when her education is complete will join her siblings in the United States.



I was saved while serving in the U.S. Army in Europe. Near my base there was a missionary who worked with the service people and military families in our community. I attended that church faithfully. One day in June of 1990, after doing my devotions, I realized my need for salvation and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior.

While in the Army the Lord began speaking to my heart about serving Him as a missionary. I ignored that calling for many months. When I left the Army, I attended Oklahoma Baptist College. While there the Lord again spoke to my heart about serving Him as a missionary. I surrendered to that calling on February 9, 1993.


I was saved and baptized at the age of four, and was raised in a stable, loving Christian home. At this time the Lord began working in my heart about missions, particularly Africa. On July 18, 1989, while a student at Oklahoma Baptist College, I surrendered to serve the Lord as a missionary to Africa.


  • Andrew: December 1
  • Jill: November 18


  • May 12, 1995