Final Update

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Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

Jill and I hope that this final update finds you well and the Lord blessing you and your loved ones.  You have been on our hearts and in our prayers since July, and we wanted to give you one last update.  

Although Jill and I are no longer in full-time Christian service as missionaries, we strive to always be full-time Christians. We have settled in Southern Illinois, and I am using my veteran’s benefits from my years in the Army to take some college courses and further my education. 

The Lord has provided a very nice house for me and Jill, with plenty of room for my parents and Lord-willing, they will be joining us soon. Jill and I are enjoying the fall weather and seeing the changing of the leaves.  The wildlife and scenery in this part of Illinois is amazing.  We praise the Lord for His provision.

Please pray for Jill’s back, it has really been giving her some problems.  Judah is well and still living and working in Los Angeles.  Andrea is an RN working on the cardiology wing of a Pensacola hospital.  She is looking forward to her 6 month anniversary at work because then she can apply to work in Mother & Baby, which is where her preceptorship was during school, and she loved it.  Allison will, Lord-willing, be married in December. She is still experiencing some health issues for which the doctors have no answer, and she would appreciate your continued prayers. Anna is a junior in mechanical engineering and hoping to go into aeronautical engineering upon graduation. Thank you so much for your prayers for our family!

In August, when we retired from foreign missions in Zambia we left the issue of our future finances in the Lord’s capable hands.  Some churches stopped their financial support immediately and some notified us that they would support us for a few months or until the end of this year, when we would be settled and have found employment.  

The financial support and love offerings from our supporters we have received since August have been a huge blessing to us while we work to get established.  We left everything in Zambia except for a few suitcases and a small crate.  It has been refreshing to not carry the shackles of excessive possessions but challenging to repurchase the necessities of daily life. 

BIMI’s policy is to accept financial support for only 3 months after a missionary resigns.  This means that BIMI will no longer accept support for us after October 31st.  Some churches and individuals have asked the best way to send correspondence or continued support for a few months.  The best way is to send everything to our sending church.  Their new address is in the box.

After 25 years of serving the Lord as missionaries in Zambia there are many things that we will miss.  We love Zambia and the people of Zambia greatly.  Without a doubt we will miss both.  We will also miss visiting our supporting churches and sharing with you all the blessings and accomplishments that together we have achieved.  The greatest thing that we will miss though, are your prayers.  It has been a huge blessing to have been on the receiving end of so many faithful prayers from you, our prayer partners and friends.  We hope that if we have been able to find a place of welcome in your heart over the years, that you will continue to lift our family up as the Holy Spirit brings us to mind.

Thank you very much for your friendship and partnership with us in the Lord’s ministry in Zambia.  Your investments in Zambian souls continue to reap great dividends and will continue, through all of eternity. Jill and I are humbled to have had the honor to represent you and our Lord in Zambia for the past 25 years. Your faithfulness and sacrifices are to be commended.  Lord bless you!

Not Turning Back, but Moving FORWARD,

Andy and Jill Schultz