January 2020 PraiseLetter

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Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you for your faithfulness for another year.  2019 is now past and looking forward into 2020, we expect great things from God.  Thank you for your faithful prayers and your support that makes it possible for us to serve the Lord here in Zambia.

The Lord’s faithfulness never ceases to amaze us.  His mercies truly are new every hour, every morning, every year and every decade.  If only we could love Him and be as faithful to Him as He is to us.  What a daunting goal to attempt to reach each day.

Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola ended its year with the youth of the church visiting the two hospitals in Ndola to carol and hand out gifts and tracts.  The youth painted their faces, wore festive hats, gave gifts and prayed with the children and their parents in the children’s hospital.  They also visited the main hospital, which is a teaching hospital, and visited a few of the wards offering encouragement, gifts and a Gospel witness and prayer with the patients and their loved ones.  The next Sunday one of the patients with whom they had witnessed visited our church for the first time.  We pray that the Lord will continue to give spiritual fruit throughout the year from this ministry.

This week I was able to lead a young college lady to the Lord.  She has struggled with a profession of faith made at a church camp years ago.  Someone led her in a prayer but she did not really understand what was going on.  She has been attending our church and finally came to the realization that she had religion but no relationship with the Lord.  After carefully showing her in her Bible the Gospel truth she bowed her head and entered into a genuine relationship with the Lord by asking Jesus to be her Savior.  Please pray for her Christian growth and witness.

Zambia is a great nation and mission field.  The Zambian people are kind, open and, for the most part, willing to receive our literature and listen to our Gospel presentation.  We are praying that our testimony and witness will be even more effective this year.  Please pray with us that the Lord will go before us and soften individual’s hearts so that they will respond to the true Gospel message when they hear it.

Thank you very much for your prayers for our family.  Jill and I are well.  Allison is here with us in Zambia as she convalesces from her serious illness.  Sadly, we are at the point where it seems that this illness may be something that she will have to learn to live with.  We continue to pray and fast, asking the Lord to heal her completely.  Will you please pray for Allison?  

Judah, Andrea and Anna are in the United States attending college.  Their absence is deeply felt by us.  Please pray for our children in the United States and pray for us to know God’s Will for our lives in regard to His ministry for us.  We want to be pleasing to the Lord and at the same time fulfill our responsibility to the family with which He has blessed us.

Thank you for choosing to partner with us in this ministry that the Lord has given.  We know that you have many options for your support and your prayers.  We consider it an honor to be able to represent you and our Lord in Zambia.  Our prayer for ourselves and for you is a closer personal walk with the Lord in this new year.  Maybe this will be the year of His return!

No Turning Back,

Andy and Jill Schultz

More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.

~Alfred Lord Tennyson~