Today was a beautiful day at Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola.  The weather was perfect, the temperature fine, and we had a very good gathering of believers and guests for our Christmas service.  

Many of our members were in church today as well as 5 first time visitors – two of which were family members of a first time visitor from last week.  We also had former members who moved away for school or jobs attending today because they are visiting relatives nearby for the holidays.

Two weeks ago Jill was driving to the church and it was starting to rain.  She saw three ladies dressed up like they were going to an event walking without any umbrellas so she stopped to see if they needed a ride.  They were going to a bus station near our church so Jill had them jump in the car with her.  On the way, Jill spoke to them about the Lord and invited them to church.  One lady said “I am coming tomorrow to your church”.  Jill was pleased but really did not think a lot about that because many people say they are coming but 95% never show up.  Jill was so excited the next day when we arrived at Sunday school and her visitor was there!  The visitor listened intently during the services and said that she enjoyed the teaching and preaching and that she would return this Sunday.  And she did!  With her two daughters!  Praise the Lord.  Please pray with us as we minister to them.

For our Christmas service today the youth sang a “mini” cantata, and it was excellent.  It is such a blessing to see these youth who have grown up in our church using their vocal talents to praise our Savior.

Last Thursday Andrea and Anna arrived from the United States to spend Christmas and New Years here in Zambia.  It is a blessing to have them home.  Sadly, Judah, in California, has a different school schedule and was not able to come.  We keep in contact with him through texting and video calls though, and that is wonderful.  (Video calls – are we living in the future or what?)

It is a blessing to have our daughters here in Zambia with us for the holidays. Not pictured is our son Judah whom we miss very much.

I am sad to report, that our friend – Bro. Al – whom we had been praying for as he endured cancer passed away last week.  He was a kind friend and a genuine partner in the Lord’s work here in Zambia.  Please pray for his wife and family in their loss.

Please remember to pray for Christian brothers and sisters in Australia.  If you are not aware, there are horrible brush fires throughout this massive nation and unseasonal temperatures, well in excess of 110 degrees Fahrenheit, in most areas.  We have friends who have been evacuated from their homes time and again because of the threat of the fires and everyone is suffering from the temperatures.  Please join us in prayer for Australia.

Here in Zambia we are still enduring 15 – 18 hours of electricity blackout each day.  It is tough on people and on businesses to only have electricity for 6 – 9 hours per day (usually during the early morning hours).  There are many things going on here politically and economically that are alarming.  We praise the Lord that He is in control, but we do ask that you pray for Zambia and our Zambian brothers and sisters in Christ.  For those interested, you may find this article eye opening – Drought, Mounting Debt Leave Zambia and Zimbabwe In the Dark

Our family prays that you will be blessed this Christmas.  We are praying for safety in travel and for peace and joy in your family gatherings.  In our home we pray that our main focus will not be on feasting or presents and material things but rather on the great gift of our Savior who has made salvation possible and given us every good thing. 2 Corinthians 8:9

This will most likely be our last update for this year.  We are looking forward to 2020 and are praying for a prosperous year in reaching more souls for Christ, and personally growing closer to our great and wonderful Savior.  Thank you for being our partners in prayer and ministry.  Merry Christmas!