Thank you so much for your prayers for our family, especially for our children in the United States.

Judah is doing well in California.  He is in the third and final phase of his program and his classes are challenging.  The Lord seems to be blessing him and we can see the progress that he has made over the past two years. He is excited to finish and to move forward.

Andrea is fine and excited about moving forward as well.  This is her senior year and Lord-willing she will graduate in May with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and will then test to get her Registered Nurse license.   She already has a hospital in mind where she hopes to apply in January.

Anna is also doing nicely at college.  Her sprained foot seems to be healing.  Her classes are challenging but she approaches them with enthusiasm.  She is very happy to no longer be a freshman.

Allison is excelling in her classes, but her health is really quite an issue.

In August, Allison completed a course of 3 different antibiotics (and probiotics) taken one after another.  This was to reduce the bad bacteria that was flourishing in her small intestine.  We believe that this treatment was effective in treating her SIBO (Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth). This is a reoccurring condition though and so a permanent change in eating habits is necessary.

This is the guide that was given to Allison by her gastroenterologist. The foods that are usually ok (every person reacts a bit differently) are on the top and the foods to avoid are on the bottom.

Allison must eat a very restricted diet (low FODMAP) and this has turned out to be a problem.  Living in the dormitory and eating at the college dining hall does not allow her to get the nutrition that she needs.  The college has gluten-free line in the dining hall, but her restricted diet is much more than just low gluten.  Allison has tried cooking for herself but was only allowed a crock pot in her dorm room.  

In the last few weeks Allison’s strength has really decreased and she had to first drop a class because of its location on campus (it was very far from her other classes and she had to walk) and then last week she informed us that she also needed to drop her minor because of her exhaustion and the workload.

Allison has always been an excellent student – She completed these first 4 semesters at college with a 3.9 GPA.  She is goal – focused and driven.

Unfortunately, her health just keeps deteriorating.

After much consideration, Jill and I spoke to Allison and asked her to consider dropping out of school so that she can come here to Zambia to rest, to learn how to cook for herself within the low FODMAP requirements and to try to get her health back.

Allison was not in favor of this course of action.  She felt that leaving school was quitting and that once she left, she would have great difficulty going back to school to complete what she had started.  Leaving a bustling campus where there is work, friends, and a lot to do – not to mention the beautiful Florida coast – for Zambia is quite a change.

After prayer and counsel she saw that she needed help and so she has consented to withdraw from school this week and return to Zambia next Tuesday and to be with us through April 2020.

We are asking for your help especially in these two ways.

First, Prayer! We need your prayer and Allison really needs your prayer.  This was a huge decision for her.  She really feels that this is a step back.  Please pray for the Lord to give her confidence about this life choice and to encourage her.  Please pray that we will be successful in helping her regain her health and learn how to live with this new dietary lifestyle.  Pray that the Lord will comfort her as she leaves friends, sisters, and so much more behind. Please also pray for Jill as she learns how to cook with the low FODMAP ingredients so that she can teach Allison.  Lastly, please pray for her as she travels by herself from Florida to Zambia next Tuesday, September 24.  This travel involves 4 flights, three of which are international flights, and will take two days (Tuesday 7am to Thursday 1pm).

Second, Allison does not want to stop her schooling.  She is driven to finish.  We are looking for a distance learning school that she can do online from Zambia over the next 7 months.  If you know of a distance learning school with an emphasis on business courses that she can do online that is affordable will you please make that recommendation to us?

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for Allison, for our other children and for Jill and me.  Your intercession for our family and for the Lord’s Work here in Zambia is an encouragement and a blessing.