September 2019 PraiseLetter

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Dear Praying Friends,

September is an interesting month here in Zambia.  In just a couple of months the dry season will be over.  There has been no rain since early May, and there will not be any until late October or November.  The cold mornings and evenings of June, July, and August are finished and now the heat is starting to build.  At the same time, the yearly burn-off of the savannah grass is taking place.  Huge clouds of black smoke rise on the horizon as acres and square miles of bush grass is burned.  In our yard, the grass is no longer lush and thick and green, but brown and it crackles when you walk on it. The wind blows often, and that means dust and ash flying everywhere.  At times it seems like everything is covered with fine brown/red dust and black ash: the trees, the metal roofs, and every surface in our house!  For fresh air and circulation, we have to keep our doors and windows open and when a gust of hot wind comes up, our freshly cleaned house needs cleaned again.

Sometimes my spirit feels dried up and dirty inside too.  When my focus turns inward I can lose sight of my calling and question my purpose and future.  I praise the Lord for His Holy Spirit that refreshes me with His Word and encourages me with His presence.  I am reminded how important it is to do His work in His power.

The Lord’s work in Zambia is not without its challenges.  For decades the health-and-wealth, name-it-and-claim-it, word-of-faith churches have prospered and multiplied and have caused many to have a very warped view of salvation.  Many only desire a superficial relationship with Jesus – a material benefactor.  

Since people have been taught that wealth is an indicator of God’s blessings and favor, it is hard to reach the rich because they feel that with God blessing them, they obviously already have salvation.  It is also hard to reach the very poor because they are so desirous of having wealth that they will join any religion or church in hopes of escaping their poverty.  This is sad but understandable.  Until you have seen the depths of poverty in some third world countries it is impossible for someone raised in the wealth of North America to truly comprehend what these dear folks endure.

Please pray for us as we do our best to present Jesus Christ as the Savior and His free gift of salvation – through faith alone in the finished work of His shed blood on Calvary.

Mark* approached me after attending our teen camp a few weeks ago.  He has grown up in our church and as a young teen made a profession of faith and was baptized.  Mark was concerned about his salvation.  I took him through the plan of salvation and answered his questions.  In the end he decided that he had not understood what he was doing when he prayed when he was younger but now understood and wanted to receive Christ as his Savior. Please pray for Mark’s spiritual growth and for others who question their salvation, to have the courage to seek out answers for their questions.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and partnership with Jill and me in the Lord’s Work here in Zambia.  Through your partnership we are able to help many with their spiritual needs as well as their physical needs.  We truly could not do what we do for the Lord without you. Thank you for standing with us for Zambia!

No Turning Back,
Andy and Jill Schultz

“The Lord delights to surprise us with His goodness, if only we will unlock the door of obedience with the key of faith – which He has given us – and then push it open and walk through.”      ~ C.S. ~