Thank you for your prayers for the Lord’s Ministry here in Zambia over the past couple of weeks.  We had good services last Sunday and today we had a full house with two first time visitors.  Please pray that the Lord will work in individual’s hearts so that they can clearly see the way of Salvation and comprehend whether they have entered that way.

Tomorrow Jill and I will start sealing the church floor.  It has been over 21 days since it was installed, so the concrete should be cured and dried to the point where the sealer will be effective.  In Zambia it is now the dry and windy season.  There is a lot of dust in the air.  Of course, that is not convenient when applying a liquid to the floor that is initially sticky.  We plan to seal the windows and doors, but we would appreciate your prayers that we do a very good job for the house of the Lord.

As missionaries we get a lot of surveys and questionnaires from pastors who inquire about the different aspects of our work here.  We are always happy to complete and return them, but I think that sometimes people forget that most missionaries work alone.  Many stateside churches have a staff of people to assist the pastor.  As a missionary most of those staff jobs fall on the missionaries (husband and wife) themselves.  Not only do we supervise a church, Bible institute and other works, but a lot of time a missionary represents a stateside mission with the government of the land where they serve and that requires a lot of time too.  We are our own secretaries, treasurers, assistants, music directors, Sunday school superintendents, bus captains, janitors and nursery workers.  Of course we are attempting to develop nationals to assume these positions in the local church but often that is easier said than done.  A missionary’s day is full with an abundance of different obligations.  The fact is, you may never know just how busy and complicated your missionary’s daily lives are.  Please pray for them.  

Little girls at Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola enjoy having their photo taken.

Allison’s health condition remains about the same.  Personally, that makes me nervous since the fall semester of college starts up in just a couple of weeks.  I was hoping to see a marked improvement in her health since we now have a diagnosis and she has been on treatment for about two weeks.  I am impatient that way.  Allison still has stomach pain and cramping a lot when she eats.  On Tuesday she will be finished with her first 14 day course of antibiotics.  Jill is also concerned but reminds me that sometimes it takes weeks and even a couple of months for a new diet to take effect.  Part of Allison’s treatment for SIBO is to adopt, for now, a reduced dairy and reduced gluten diet.  She has done that for just over a week now.  We are praying that soon we will start seeing some positive results of the medicines and diet modifications.  Please pray with us that the Lord will heal Allison completely and allow her to eat without pain, and be able to regain the weight that she has lost.

We have just 8 days until our camp starts.  Jill has worked feverishly and tirelessly to get things ready.  There is a lot of food preparation and other plans that must be done beforehand so that the camp can progress smoothly.  I praise the Lord for a wife who is so diligent to help in so many ways.

Camp is an exciting and busy time for us.  We expect about 30 – 40 campers.  Most are church kids who have made professions of faith, but some have not.  About a third of the teens were unable to pay the camp registration fee and yet were still able to register for camp through the kind and generous designated gifts of some of our supporters.  Thank you.  Our prayer is that in addition to having a fun time, that the teens will hear the Word of God and that it will speak to their hearts and take root in their lives and bring about changes that will have a life-long impact on them.  Will you begin now, and start praying for the Lord to do great things during our camp this year?

Thank you so much for the important part that you play in the Lord’s Work here in Zambia.  Your prayers are encouraging and sustaining.  

Jill and the kids standing in the bush (rural) area of Zambia in 2004. Today this area has greatly changed. In fact, the house that we currently live in is just behind the tree over Jill’s right shoulder.