May 2019 Praiseletter


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Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you for your prayers for our family.  Three days after our arrival back in Zambia, our youngest daughter, Anna, who was suffering from mononucleosis, was rushed to the emergency room near her college and diagnosed with pneumonia. After consulting with our pastor, Jill flew back to the United States on April 1 to be with Anna and to help nurse her back to good health. Anna needed a steady, healthy diet and a schedule that included plenty of rest and it was difficult to find that in the dormitory.  The Lord blessed, and a couple offered Jill an apartment on their property for her and Anna to use until the end of the semester.  Anna is now doing much better and Jill will return to Zambia the first week of June.  Please continue praying for the health of our family.

Years ago while out soul-winning I met a young Zambian man named Shawn*, he was a single guy, living rough, and just doing what was necessary to get by.  I was able to witness to him and for a while he was a regular at church.  As time went by his interest waned and he drifted away.  This Sunday Shawn was at church – with his wife, his daughter and his mom and sister.  All these years the Holy Spirit has been working on his heart.  We praise the Lord for the relationships that we are able to forge here in Zambia.  Sometimes it may take years for the influence to be seen, but we praise the Lord for the harvest He brings!  Please pray with us for more people like Shawn to give their hearts to Jesus and to grow in Christian maturity.

Since Zambia is land-locked almost everything is imported by truck.  These goods are all purchased from outside Zambia using US dollars. In September last year $1=10 Zambian Kwacha (the monetary unit here in Zambia).  This month the exchange rate hit $1=13ZK.  This has a huge impact on the cost of living for Zambians because when the exchange rate slides, the prices go up and the value of people’s savings goes down.

For instance, Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola has been saving for some time to replace the broken concrete floor in our church building.  Through sacrificial giving the church saved 10,000 Kwacha.  In September of 2018 that was worth $1000.  Today it is worth $769.  

We have found a contractor who will install a new terrazzo floor in our church building for around $4000.  Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola can contribute about a fourth of that from their savings.  Jill and I are going to help with the rest.  If you feel like the Holy Spirit would have you assist with this project, that would be a great blessing and an encouragement to the church.

Around the world, doors are closing to missions and Zambia is no exception.  The rules and requirements for new missionaries to Zambia are becoming more stringent.  Please pray that the Lord will send missionaries now to Zambia and throughout the world, while there is still time.  Thank you for partnering with us in reaching Zambia for the Lord.

“Our prayers may be awkward.  Our attempts may be feeble. But since the power of prayer is in the One who hears it and not in the one who says it, our prayers do make a difference.” ~ M.L. ~


***PLEASE NOTE*** This praiseletter was written last week – 8 days ago.  In that time the Kwacha has fallen a further 7.5%.  Today the Kwacha is worth $1=14ZK and businessmen are suggesting it may fall another 15% to $1=16ZK in the coming months.  What this means is that the paragraph above where I spoke of the devaluation of the church savings should actually read – “Through sacrificial giving the church saved 10,000 Kwacha.  In September of 2018 that was worth $1000.  Today it is worth $714.  Thank you for your prayers.