Thank you for your prayers for the Lord’s work here in Zambia.  Thank you for praying for me, here in Zambia, and for Jill in the United States.  I communicate with Jill daily and she is doing fine.  The girls have finished the semester at college, and they all did very well on their final exams.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Anna and Allison.  Anna’s health is much improved and has moved back into the dormitory.  During the summers the girls work full-time on campus.  It gives them a place to stay and helps quite a bit on their college bill when school starts back up.  Anna is busier than we had hoped – she elected to take a video course that would suffice as a prerequisite for some of the math courses in her engineering major.  It will be a challenge and we pray that she will not over-do herself.  Please pray with us for the health and well-being of our children.

Judah is also doing well.  He is somewhat nervous about going back to school after being out for so long.  We are trying to encourage him, but sometimes he feels like he has “bit off more than he can chew”.  Please pray for the Lord to give him courage and that he will quickly return to the habits of taking notes and studying.  Pray that the Lord will bring someone into Judah’s life who can mentor him in a Godly manner and encourage him and build his confidence.  Judah was a very good student and he has great potential.  Please pray for him as he continues taking steps that guide him through the Lord’s Will in his life.

Last week at Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola we celebrated Mother’s Day by honoring all the mothers in attendance.  We gave each mother a nice bouquet of 4 roses.  The mother with the most children, the mother with the youngest child, the mother with the oldest child and the grandmother with the most grandchildren also received an additional bouquet.  I am happy to report that one of our first time visitors went home with 3 bouquets.  She was very excited.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer and support as we represent you and our Lord in reaching the lost with the Gospel.

We had 4 first time visitors at church last Sunday and it was a blessing to see them.   During the invitation time we had 3 people ask about joining the church and one come forward to follow the Lord in believer’s baptism!  It was an exciting service.

Please pray for our church members and your dear brothers and sisters in Christ.  Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola is very diverse.  In addition to married couples with children, single mothers with children, and single young people, we also have 4 widows, numerous fatherless youth. Many of our young people who have just finished grade 12 are struggling to find a job or get into college or a training school.  Jobs are scarce here in Zambia.  Especially for those with only a grade 8 or grade 12 certificate.  Schooling is expensive and unless your family is well-connected politically future prospects are usually very bleak indeed.

Senior Compound in Ndola. This is one of the very-low-cost housing areas within walking distance of our church property.

Yesterday I was dropping off some food for the widows in our church and my heart was saddened deeply at one of the houses I visited.  This widow lives with her 3 young children in a mud brick home with two of her sisters and their illegitimate children.  The house has no electricity, no running water, no indoor toilet – barely any comforts at all.  The house is in a compound area which is a semi-legal area considered very low income by the government.  Sadly, this is very common.  Please pray for our dear Zambians who struggle at times to simply survive.  I am sure that missionaries throughout the world could tell a similar story.

The Lord has blessed most of us greatly.  We live in developed countries with many luxuries, like good hospitals, emergency services, reliable electricity and public utilities, and access to clean drinking water.  We live in a time of prosperity and peace.  God has abundantly blessed us.  As we thank God for His blessings we must remember to pray for Christian brothers and sisters around the world who are in need – physically and spiritually.

Zambian young men standing in front of their barbershop. I met them while out witnessing and they were happy to receive tracts. Please pray that the seed that is sown will find root.

Please pray that our church will be successful in reaching the lost in our area.  Although there are an abundance of churches, there is a drought of truth.  So much religion and so little relationship.  Please pray that the Lord will go before us as we witness and that the Holy Spirit will open hearts to be receptive to the Gospel.

The Lord has presented an opportunity for Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola to replace our damaged concrete floor in the church building.  Our concrete floor has been THE major eyesore in our church building for years.  It has numerous cracks, and when you walk on it you can hear a hollow sound within the floor.  I ignored it for years, and then we replaced it, but within a year the same cracks and hollow sound came back.  Some may think that replacing a floor is not a serious ministry need, but the truth is, that Zambia is very modern compared to where it was two decades ago when we first arrived.  People can be very superficial when selecting a church to attend.  It is sad when someone turns down a church because of appearance before even allowing the preaching and teaching to speak to their hearts.

I presented this need to the church and they whole-heartedly agreed to give to help replace the floor.  The cost for a new terrazzo floor (including removing the old floor, installing the new terrazzo and sealing the floor) will be around $4000. The church voted to use savings from the church general fund to provide the down-payment of 1/5 the cost so that work can begin.  They also voted to collect a special offering on June 2 which will go toward the expense.

If you feel like the Lord would have you partner with Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola to help replace the church floor please let us know.  Jill and I have committed to pay the balance of what is owed.  Your partnership would be a great encouragement to the members of Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola.

Please continue in prayer for our pastor – Pastor Brown’s father is now in hospice.  Pastor Brown’s mother is also ill and cannot comprehend what is happening to her husband.  Please pray for both of Pastor Brown’s parents.

Please also remember our good friends – Al and Cathy who are both in a battle with cancer.

I know that your lives are very busy and that there are numerous issues that you are dealing with in your own family and churches.  Thank you so much for sacrificing your time to faithfully pray for our family and for the Lord’s Ministry here in Zambia.  Your prayers matter!

Years ago while pouring the concrete for the front porch on our house our family all put our hands in the wet concrete. The other morning I saw this. The tiny handprints brought a smile to my face. I praise the Lord for the amazing family He has given to Jill and me.