This week has certainly been a whirlwind for us here in Zambia and in the United States.  We appreciate your prayers. 

For the last two weeks we have had a really good turn out at Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola.  Last week we had 3 first time visitors, and this week we had 2 returning visitors.  Our church struggles to turn visitors into regular attendees and then into members, but we do our best.  There are a lot of churches in our area (and in Zambia); although not all of them are doctrinally sound.  So a person has a lot of choices of where to attend.  We just want to glorify our Savior and bring as many people as possible into a relationship with Him.  Please pray with us that we will see Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola grow spiritually and numerically.

Easter Sunday 2019 at Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola.

The youth in our church are already getting excited about our annual youth camp that will be held in August.  Please pray for this special and important ministry.  The youth of any ministry are the future.  We pray that the Lord will bless these wonderful young people whom we have known for most of their lives.  Join us in praying for the Lord to open a future for them – that He will lead them to the spouse that He has set aside for them, and that they will find that necessary balance in their lives.

The Lord has opened a great opportunity for our church to finally get a permanent solution to the broken floor in our church building.  The problem is that our current church building is built on the same slab of the former church building that burned.  I think that the incredible heat of the fire somehow changed the concrete of the slab.  Twice now we have tried to pour a proper floor on top of the old slab and twice it has separated and badly cracked.  Another missionary near us is building a new church building and he found a contractor who will put in a terrazzo floor for a very fair price.  Because of the thickness of the terrazzo and the method of installation we are pretty sure that this floor will work well for our church. 

I spoke to the church and with the church savings they are going to contribute 25% of the cost of the floor and installation.  Jill and I prayed about it and through our savings and love offerings from furlough we should be able to finance the rest.  Please pray with us that this floor will be strong and serve our church for many years in the future.  

Jill in the United States is doing well.  Anna continues her recovery and we praise the Lord for Jill being able to be there to nurse her and to be the voice of reason (firm hand of reason – ha ha).  The Lord is blessing Jill and the girls. Thank you for praying for them.

Our house seemed so empty once the children went back to the United States for college, but now with Jill gone as well, it is almost eerie.   There is a lot to be done though, and I keep busy.  Before Jill and I were married I cleaned and washed and cooked for myself, and I survived, but there is something about being apart from someone that you are so used to and love deeply.  Sadly, I realize that I have not appreciated Jill the way that I should have for the many, many, things that she does and adds to my life.  This time is a good reminder that I need to appreciate her more.  The Lord blessed me with a wonderful wife, a daughter of our Heavenly Father, and I need to treasure her more.

Our avocado tree is now giving us lovely fruit. It takes a few years for a tree to mature and give plenty of healthy avocados but what a blessing they are! Almost year around the tree will produce nice large fruit. Each year the fruit will be larger until they are bigger than my hand.

Thank you so much for praying for Judah to receive his letter of eligibility from the VA.  Last week the Lord answered our prayers and the letter came in.  Praise the Lord!  He is now enrolled and waiting to begin his college in just a few weeks.   Please keep Judah in your prayers as he follows the Lord’s guiding in his life.

Next week is finals week for Andrea, Allison and Anna.  Please pray that they will remember what they have learned and get enough sleep and eat right, and do well on their tests.  They are each excited about moving up to the next level in their education.  Anna will be a sophomore, Allison a junior and Andrea will be a senior!

Please join us in prayer for two of our faithful partners in ministry – Al who has severe blood cancer, and Miss Cathy who also is battling cancer.  These two individuals have faithfully prayed and supported our family and the Lord’s Work here in Zambia for many years.  

Our sending pastor and wife – Pastor Dave and Linda Brown with his dad and mom at Central Baptist Church of Decatur, IL.

Thank you for praying for our sending pastor’s father.  While Pastor Brown and his wife were recently visiting his parents in New Mexico, his father had a serious heart attack.  He made it through the critical time and is now recovering.  I know that Pastor and Mrs. Brown and their family would appreciate your continued prayers for their loved one.

We truly appreciate your faithfulness to pray for us.  This week I flew down to South Africa for some medical tests and to pick up a CPAP machine.  The Lord blessed and the trip went very smoothly.  It means a lot to us that you pray for us even when you may not know specifically how to pray.  Thank you for your faithfulness.

The part that you play in our ministry may seem small to you but I would like to assure you that your prayers are necessary and have a great value and impact on what the Lord is doing here in Zambia.  Thank you for partnering with us to see the Gospel spread and lives changed in Zambia.

I found this lizard egg in one of our door strike plates this week. It is amazing to find these in safe places throughout our house. They hatch into tiny little lizards not even ¾ of an inch long. When fully grown they are about 3 inches long. We don’t see the lizards much in our house, but when we do we tolerate them because their favorite thing to eat is mosquitos!