Thank you so much for praying for Jill as she travelled back to the United States on Monday.  Jill arrived safely Tuesday night and the Lord answered our prayers and put people in her path who helped her.  Her seats worked out great – on two of the flights she had an empty seat next to her and on the main flight she was upgraded into a much nicer section of the airplane.  Her suitcase was delayed by a day in Houston, but caught up to her the next day in Florida.  Jill arrived tired, but safe and we praise the Lord for His wonderful provision.  Thank you for your notes of encouragement.  They mean a lot to us.  Thank you also for your faithful prayers.

The Lord showed Himself so strong in answering our other requests too. The administration of the college was very kind to Jill in her requests and went the extra mile to allow Anna to move out of the dorm and into the apartment with Jill.  Anna was also excused from her job for the rest of the semester so that she can rest, and was assured that her job will be waiting for her during the summer.

Anna has been taking the prescribed medicine for the pneumonia and the doctor is confident that will resolve that issue.  Jill and I are very serious about giving Anna as much rest as she can get so that she can recover from the mononucleosis and so that the swelling in her spleen can decrease.  We are praying that under Jill’s diligent care, Anna’s health will recover.  Will you please pray with us for Anna’s full recovery?

Here are the recent events from Jill’s perspective, in her own words.  Jill writes….

“I stand in awe of our Savior when I look at all the ways He helped us after we made the decision that I should return to the States and help Anna. The afternoon we made that decision, Andy was able to purchase tickets at a discounted rate. As I traveled, the Lord gave me seats without seat mates and I was able to get some good rest on the long flights. Going through the various countries and customs, everything went smoothly and efficiently. I arrived at the hotel in Pensacola at 11:50 PM, got a good night’s sleep and began my quest to help Anna by 8:00 the following morning. I visited various offices at the college and had everything in order by the middle of the afternoon! A sweet Christian couple offered their guest apartment to us, where Anna will be able to convalesce until the end of the semester. It’s only a few minutes from the school. I was already able to meet Anna’s doctor and have confidence he has her best interest in mind. When I stand back and observe everything that “fell” into place, there is no doubt that GOD orchestrated it all. He has taken such amazing care of us!”

Although I have been alone here in Zambia once before – when Jill took Anna back to the U.S. to get her settled into college – this time will be a bit longer.  Since it was an emergency, I had less time to prepare emotionally for the separation.  I am coming to terms with it, and in the end, it will be fine, but Jill and I are very comfortable together.  Please pray for Jill and me while we are apart.  While Jill is in the United States we will celebrate our 24th anniversary.  I am glad that our marriage is strong enough to endure a long absence.

A candid snapshot of Andy and Jill taken in October 2018 during their recent furlough. (This is one of my favorite photos of Jill and me.)

Today is Allison’s 20th birthday.  I am so happy that Jill is there to be able to celebrate her special day with her.  Please pray for the Lord to bless Allison. Pray that He will give her good health and guide her in the many decisions that she faces as she seeks His perfect will in her life.

Today was also the last Sunday for Leo and Cathy Paine – the missionaries who watched over our work during our furlough.  They minister through Standing in The Gap and were essential in the success of our furlough.  The folks at Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola absolutely loved them.  In every way they were a great blessing to me and Jill.  We hope that the Lord will enable them to come back to Zambia and work with us again.  

On Tuesday Leo and Cathy will fly back to the United States to get ready for their next assignment – the tropical island of Nauru!  Please pray for them as they travel back to their home.  Pray for the Lord to put people in their path who will show them kindness and help them along the way.

Our services today went very well.  We were still missing some of our regular church members.  Some were absent because of illness or work, but some were just absent.  We did have 2 new visitors today and that was really encouraging.  Please pray for Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola as we try to get busy again visiting and soul-winning.  We want the Lord to use us as much as possible.  With so much heartache and sin running rampant in this world, there are many who need to hear the truth of God’s love and Jesus’ shed blood for their forgiveness.

Thank you very much for your faithful prayers for our family.  They are working!  Please keep them up!  May the Lord richly bless you and your families this week.

A great day at Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola today!