Thank you so much for your prayers for Jill and me as we traveled this week from Chicago to Ndola, Zambia.  We departed Central Illinois around lunch time on Monday and arrived in Ndola at 11:00am on Wednesday.  We could tell that you were praying for us because the Lord really blessed us.  On our long flight (14 hours) from Chicago to Dubai the agent who checked us in offered us a full row of 4 seats with Jill on one aisle and me on the other and no one in between!  This allowed me to stretch my legs and for Jill to lay down during the long flight.  Honestly, that was the most comfortable and easiest long haul flight we have been on!  Our layover in Dubai was easy and we found very comfortable chairs with leg rests, and then on the 9 hour flight from Dubai to Johannesburg we had exit row seats with seemingly unlimited legroom.  We arrived in Ndola, not really refreshed, but certainly not as exhausted as we usually are. Thank you so much for praying for us.

Another beautiful day in Zambia. And best, it is The Lord’s Day!

When we arrived on Wednesday we were just in time to get ready for and attend the midweek prayer service at Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola.  It was such a blessing to see those for whom we have been praying (and who have been praying for us).  We love serving the Lord here in Zambia!


On Friday afternoon, Allison entered the dorm room that she shares with Andrea and Anna and found Anna sobbing on the bed.  She said that every breath was very painful.  Allison phoned us in Zambia and then took Anna to the emergency room.  They did a chest Xray and found that Anna, in addition to the mononucleosis (glandular fever), also has pneumonia.   Jill and I are very concerned.  Anna’s condition does not seem to be improving, instead it seems to be getting much worse.  

Because of this, Jill and I decided that Jill should return to the United States to stay with Anna in Florida through the rest of the semester.  Some very kind Christian friends have an apartment they have offered to Jill and Anna.  We hope that with Jill in charge of Anna’s recovery at the apartment and Anna only going on campus to attend classes she will finally get the rest that she needs.   We think this will be the best way for her to get a complete recovery from the pneumonia and the mononucleosis.  Perhaps her spleen will also reduce in size.

So, please be in urgent prayer for Anna’s health.  

We asked counsel of Pastor Brown, our sending pastor, and our BIMI field director and they both gave their blessing to this decision.

We did not take this decision lightly.  It is hard for us both when I am in Zambia and Jill is in the United States.  Please pray for Jill and me while we are apart.

Please also be in prayer for Jill as she flies tomorrow from Ndola to Johannesburg, South Africa, then on to Frankfurt, Germany, then on to Houston, and finally arriving in Pensacola at 11pm on Tuesday.  It will be another long two-day journey with 26+ hours in the air.  Please pray that the Lord will go before her and make her path straight and will put people in place who will show her kindness and help when necessary.

Please also pray that the administration at the college will be sympathetic to Anna’s condition and will allow her to stay off campus with her mom, and also give her time off from her part-time job without any repercussions.

Your prayers are so essential.  Thank you.

Yesterday, I went to the men’s prayer meeting at church, and what an encouragement it was!  To once again sit in that round Sunday School shelter and hear the men pour out their requests was a blessing.  The grass and trees were a gorgeous deep green and the sky was a beautiful robin’s egg blue.  I could hear birds calling from the trees and a cool breeze gave relief from the summer sun.  To hear these men speak to the Lord earnestly in their various heart languages warmed my heart.  It was a blessing to hear their sincere requests and words of affection for their Savior.  Afterwards, I visited many members in their homes and was amazed at how all their children have grown in just 6 months.  

The church decorated the platform for our return. We were smothered with kindness and affection. We praise the Lord for Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola.

Church today was such a blessing.  When Jill and I arrived at the church we found the youth wearing matching shirts that had our church logo and Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola printed on them.  The platform was also decorated with a banner and balloons.  They really surprised us.  It was a joyous reunion.  

I plan to post videos of some of the special music from our services today on our Facebook Ministry page SCHULTZ MINISTRY.  Please take a moment to “Like” our ministry facebook page if you enjoy the content you find there, and share our page with your friends.  We are always happy to have more prayer partners.

We had no visitors attend the services today and many members were missing.  I was sad to find out that two strong members are being transferred by their employers to another city for work.  We pray for the Lord’s Will to be done and for the church to grow through soul-winning and discipleship.  Please pray that the Lord will bless Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola.

Today is Judah’s 23rd birthday.  Please think of him and ask the Lord to bless him, keep him safe, and guide him in his life.

It is not possible for me to say Thank You enough for the part that you play in the Lord’s Ministry here in Zambia.  Your partnership is so essential to the work that the Lord is doing here.  Thank you for your prayer and support that makes all of this possible.