Tomorrow Jill and I return to Zambia.  We are excited to continue with the ministry that the Lord has given us there.  We really miss our dear Zambian friends.  We are also looking forward to seeing Leo and Cathy Paine who have been overseeing the work in our absence.  We hear that they are doing a very good job.  The Paines will remain in Zambia for a few weeks before they return to their home in the United States.

Our latest family photo taken while visiting the girls in Florida. (absent from the photo is our son Judah)

In the praiseletter that I sent out recently I was mistaken about our arrival in Zambia.  We will leave the United States on Monday and will not arrive in Zambia until around noon on Wednesday after being in the air for 23+ hours.  Please pray for us in our travels.  We are getting to the age where flying for long time periods is very stressful and painful. 

Last Sunday we concluded our meetings for this furlough in Flower Mound, Texas, (just outside Dallas). We had a great time with this church during their annual mission’s conference.  It was very exciting and the weather was beautiful.  It was sobering to realize that I was teaching and preaching my very last sermons for this furlough. Lord willing, the next time I step into the pulpit we will be back in Zambia at Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola.

The young people of Mr. O’Leary’s Bible Class at Grace Christian Academy in Flower Mound, TX. These young people selected us as their missionaries for this school year and have been praying for us and corresponding with us. It was a blessing to meet them in person.

This furlough really went by quickly.  That is usually the case, but this time, with the furlough being only 6 months it really flew.

Thank you for continuing to pray for our daughters, Allison and Anna.  Allison is doing a bit better.  Of course, as with many health problems, the results will take time.  Anna still has mononucleosis (glandular fever) and probably it will impact her for months.  Mainly she gets very exhausted quickly.  The key is to get plenty of rest but she is very active and in our opinion is not resting enough.  Her enlarged spleen continues to be a serious concern.  There is no medicine she can take, just rest, but while the spleen is enlarged she is at an increased risk for a rupture which would be extremely dangerous and require immediate surgery.  Please pray with us for Allison and Anna to have better health and to recover completely.

Our girls, Anna, Allison, and Andrea, recently at college.

While in Texas we were able to meet with Jill’s brother, Mike.  Mike is a really good guy and it was a blessing to be able to spend some time with him and his wife Lori.  On our past furloughs we have not been in Texas, so this was an added blessing.  We have also had the blessing of seeing two of my aunts and a cousin, all three of which I haven’t seen in many years.

Andy and Jill with Mike and Lori Croft. Mike is Jill’s older brother.

Thank you very much for praying about the shipping issues.  We did hear back from the owner of AmeZam shipping and he was very kind to us.  He extended a 10% discount on our total shipment, plus he greatly discounted the additional shipping cost from the capitol city to Ndola, where we live.  These shipments will take 3+ months to arrive but in the past they have always arrived complete.  Please pray with us that this will be the case this time as well.

This week we received some sad news from Zambia.  One of the young men who used to be a member of our church passed away.  This young man grew up in the church but abandoned his Christian upbringing and started living a worldly life.  He died after a long illness last week.  Please pray with us for the Lord to comfort his grieving family.  He was just 25 years old.

Please be advised that our phone numbers that we have been using while in the US for this furlough will stop working on Monday, March 25.  The best way to communicate with us now will be through our email address –

Please pray with us that our furlough vehicle, a 2010 Buick Enclave, will quickly find a buyer.  It has been a very dependable and solid vehicle.  We praise the Lord for His provision.

Last fall Jill planted tulip bulbs (her favorite flower) outside of the mission house where we have been staying this furlough.  When we got back from Texas this week she was so excited because she could see the bright green plants pushing up through the dark soil.  We will be back in Zambia before they bloom, but it gives Jill pleasure to know that she leaves beauty where we have stayed.  Jill loves tulips.  At every house that we have rented during our deputation and furloughs there are tulips blooming because of her efforts.

In speaking with Mrs. Paine in Zambia she says that the rains continue and that “the grass is so green that it hurts your eyes to look at it”.  We can’t wait to see it for ourselves!

Thank you very much for your faithful prayers for our family and your notes of support and encouragement.  We value your partnership with us in the Lord’s Ministry.  

These beautiful pictures were colored by young people at a recent mission’s conference. We were very impressed with the skill of these individuals. Can you tell which one was colored by a young man and the three that were colored by young ladies? We love when young people get excited about missions and get involved.