March 2019 Praiseletter

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Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you for your faithful prayers for our family.  Now that March is here, our furlough is almost over.  On March 25 we will fly from Chicago to Dubai, UAE, then on to Johannesburg, South Africa, and then on to Ndola, Zambia.  We will arrive on March 26, having traveled over 8,000 miles and having spent over 23 hours in the air.

At the end of February we were able to drive to Florida to say goodbye to our girls at college.  Even though they had daily classes and work, we still had a very good time.  Our departure from the United States will be bittersweet.  We miss Zambia and our dear Zambian friends, but with our entire family now in the U.S. we are torn.  This is the first time that we have returned to Zambia from a furlough without any children. Our hearts are hurting. Without a doubt, the separation is hard, but it is the distance that is crushing.  Please pray with us for the Lord’s comfort and guidance.

Thank you for your prayers for our health.  Your prayers are still earnestly needed though.  If you receive our ministry updates by email, or follow our FaceBook ministry page – Schultz Ministry – then you know that our youngest daughter, Anna, has mononucleosis.  Her spleen is dangerously enlarged and she is exhausted daily but she insists that she remain at college.  The remedy for this illness is basically rest.  Please pray that with her work schedule and her full load of classes she will be able to recover soon and completely.

Allison’s health is a more complicated issue. She has been having multiple back and abdominal issues and in the past few months has lost an alarming amount of weight.  Jill and I have been very concerned. During our visit to Florida we were able to get Allison to a couple of doctors and we think that we are starting to see some good improvement in her health.  Please join us in making Allison a priority in your prayers.

Unfortunately, we were unable to visit Judah during this furlough.  He is living in Los Angeles, in a very dangerous part of that city.  Please pray with us, not only for his safety, but also for him to find God’s path for his life.  He is attending a good church and is trying to serve the Lord.

During our furlough many of you have shared with us the burdens and health issues that you are facing.  Our prayer lists have been growing and it makes us happy that we can pray more specifically for our supporting churches and friends.  Please keep us informed about these prayer requests.  We will keep praying for you!

Thank you so much for the part that you play in helping us reach lost souls with the Gospel.  Whether on furlough or on the field, your prayers and your support mean a lot to us.  The work that we do would not be possible without your partnership.  Thank you for helping us fulfill God’s Will in our lives.  

No Turning Back,                                                                                                     Andy and Jill Schultz

“Missionaries are very human folks just doing what they’re asked.  Simply a bunch of nobodies trying to exalt Somebody.”                ~Jim Elliot~