This update is coming in the midweek instead of Sunday morning because we have some special prayer requests that we wanted to get to you as soon as possible.

Please be in special prayer for our girls.  All three have come down with illnesses.  Allison and Anna are the most serious.  Allison had to be taken to the Emergency Room last week due to fever, vomiting, and severe abdominal pains – she could not even walk.  The doctor examined her and said that the fever, nausea, and body aches were attributed to a flu.  He said that most likely the stomach pains will be a periodic problem for some time.  Please pray with us for Allison.  With her dietary restrictions (low sodium) it is very hard for her to get enough nutrition in a cafeteria, and unfortunately that is her only option at college.  We are concerned that her diet is affecting her and perhaps causing her other symptoms.

Our daughters, Andrea, Anna, and Allison.

Anna is also very sick. On Tuesday (yesterday) she was diagnosed with mononucleosis (glandular fever).  There is really no treatment for this, other than rest, and with her full class load it is hard for her to slow down.  She has lost her voice and is greatly fatigued and we are very concerned for her.  Apparently a handful of students at the college have this illness.  Please pray for Anna’s complete and quick recovery.

Even Jill feels under the weather.  This furlough she has really battled with colds and flus.  Please pray for her health.

Thank you for continuing to pray for two of our supporting friends (Al and Cathy) who are battling serious cancer.

With our furlough quickly coming to a close it is amazing to think that we have driven almost 15,000 miles, plus many thousand more air miles, to report to over 30 supporting churches.  We have just a handful of meetings to go until this furlough will just be a memory.  We praise the Lord for His provision and protection.

At the end of this month Jill and I will be driving down to Florida to see the girls for a few days.  This will be the last time we see them before we head back to Zambia on March 25th.  Please pray for the Lord to bless our trip and to make our time with the girls productive.

Although we have not been able to see Judah in person this furlough we have been able to talk to him regularly and video chat with him.  He is well and still seeking the Lord’s Will in his life.  He appreciates your prayers on his behalf – so do we!

We have been waiting for a couple of weeks to hear from the shipping company regarding the boxes of ministry and personal supplies that we have boxed up for Zambia.  Because of the bad weather here in the Midwest it has been delayed a couple of times.  Yesterday, Jill and I were traveling to a nearby town to meet my mom and dad when we received a text that the truck was almost at our home!  We turned around, rushed home, and brought all the boxes out for for the driver.  He arrived when he said that he would and we loaded the boxes into the truck which was already full of items going to Zambia from other folks.  We then traveled back to our original destination to meet my folks.  

17 boxes packed carefully, and marked, ready for the truck to take them to Maryland and then on to Zambia.

The driver mentioned that there will be another shipment going in March, which is very good because some donated books did not make it to our home in Danville, IL, in time to be included.  What a blessing that the Lord is in control of every circumstance in our life.

Thank you so much to the individuals who have given to help us pay for the shipment of items to Zambia.  We have not heard from the company about the final cost.  There is one cost to ship the items to Zambia and then a surcharge to send it by truck from the capital up to our city.  In the past the company has always kindly helped us with a discount on the secondary shipping cost and we are hoping that they will do the same this time.  Please pray with us that they will again show us this kindness.

Thank you very much for your patience for our updates and for your prayerful partnership with us in the ministry into which the Lord has called us.  Your partnership is an encouragement and a blessing to us.