Thank you very much for your prayers over the past two weeks.  The Lord has blessed greatly.  As we traveled to our meetings the roads have been very icy and snowy and it seems like they are often crowded with either over-confident or inexperienced drivers.  The Lord is very good though to answer your prayers and to go before us and make our way safe.  Thank you for your faithful prayers.

Jill captured this photo of a “Sun Dog” this month on a Sunday morning before one of our meetings. These are pretty rare and it was again a beautiful testament of the Lord’s majestic creation. In Zambia these are called “the judgement seat of God”.

March 25, the day that Jill and I fly back to Zambia, is rapidly approaching.  It is hard to believe that our furlough is almost over.  The Lord is blessing and Jill and I are enjoying the fellowship with our supporting churches and individuals as well as getting necessary medical visits taken care of.  One thing that missionaries often neglect during their furlough is rest.  We are so busy preparing and ministering in churches that this necessary ingredient of furlough is often pushed aside.  Jill has been the voice of reason this furlough and we have had some time to be calm and re-energize ourselves.

Our faithful dog – Chuck.

I am sad to report that the Lord decided to answer one of our prayer requests – NO.  Last week our faithful dog, Chuck, had to be put to sleep.  The infection that started in his ear and progressed into his head could not be controlled with the medicine and care available in Zambia and he was suffering greatly and so the decision was made to put him down.  Chuck was a very good friend and for many years he helped keep our children and our home safe.  We praise the Lord for His wisdom in this outcome.

Many people are asking how they can help us as we prepare to return to Zambia.  At this time we have two needs.  First, we need more baptismal robes.  The ones that we currently have were donated years ago in used condition and are now to the point where they need to be replaced.  If your church has baptismal robes that they could donate, please send us an email.

Our second need is funds to ship back some boxes of donated items to Zambia.  We are not sending a container, but there is a company that will consolidate our boxes with others on toward Zambia.  These boxes will be delivered right to our city in Zambia.  A medium Wal-Mart box costs about $65 to ship, and we will have about 15 boxes for the mid-February shipping date.  We have boxes of donated Strong’s concordances, and other library books donated from pastor’s libraries, some ministry equipment and personal items boxed up and ready to go.

Helping hands of the youth of Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola. Photo by Jill.

Thank you very much for your prayers for our health.  My back is doing much better.  The last few days I have been pain free.  Regarding Jill’s foot; the Lord is blessing and there is greater feeling and movement in her toes, but prayer is still needed for complete healing of the foot.  We have had to face the fact that we are getting older but we are working hard to monitor our diet and exercise so that our health will not become a hindrance in serving our great Lord.

The work in Zambia is going well.  During the week we hear from various church members with greetings and prayer requests.  We miss our Zambian brothers and sisters very much and we pray for them daily.  Please pray with us for the Lord to intercede in their lives with their needs and requests.

This weekend we are in the St. Louis area and the next two weekends we will be traveling back up to Chicago.  The weather forecast is calling for double digit negative temperatures (without wind chill) next week so we would greatly appreciate your prayers as we travel.

Please continue to pray for our children.  Please pray for Judah as he tries to find God’s will in his life.  Pray for his safety and for God’s leading and provision.  Please pray for Andrea, Allison and Anna as well.  Andrea is a junior working toward her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Allison is a sophomore in accounting and Anna is a freshman pursuing mechanical engineering and computer science.  We miss our children greatly, and in praying for them, you are a huge blessing to us.

Thank you so much for the important part that you play in the Lord’s ministry in Zambia.

Our family in Zambia in 2003.