November 2018 Praiseletter

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Dear Praying Friends,

It is such a blessing to be writing to you from the United States.  Jill and I are in the midst of our 6 month furlough, and the Lord is blessing greatly.  We have already driven and flown many thousands of miles, and the Lord has provided traveling mercies and allowed us to reconnect with many friends, and along the way make some new ones.

We are very thankful to the Lord for so many things.  It is easy in our rush here to become complacent and used to the blessings that He so freely and generously bestows on us.  Sometimes I find myself complaining about little annoyances and I forget how great God has been in my life and I have to step back and do as the old hymn says and “Count My Many Blessings”.  I believe that thankfulness and gratitude are the keys to contentment, and in this month of Thanksgiving I would like to share some of God’s great blessings upon our family.

I am thankful for the family that the Lord has given to us.  Jill is an amazing wife and mother, and it is a blessing to be able to partner with her in the ministry that the Lord has given us.  We are thankful for our children.  The Lord blessed us with 4 good kids who are trying very hard to serve the Lord where He has placed them.

Jill and I are both thankful to have had the blessing of being raised in a Christian home by parents who loved the Lord and wanted His will for their children.  We both have had amazing pastors, youth pastors, and mentors through the years that have nurtured us and helped to guide us as we sought the Lord’s will.

We praise the Lord for His calling in our lives as missionaries to Zambia.  What a blessing to know that at this time in our life we are exactly where the Lord wants us to be.  We love Zambia, and we love Zambians and it is a great calling to be able to introduce them to our wonderful Savior and to be able to help them know Him better.  We are thankful that Zambia is our home.  It is a blessing to us to be able to invest our heart and give our lives to such wonderful people.

We praise the Lord for our amazing sending and supporting churches.  When missionaries get together, they talk, and it is very obvious to us that we have the best supporting churches and individuals that a missionary could have.  You make it possible for us to fulfill God’s will in our lives.  Thank you for helping us and thank you for partnering with us so that others can know the Savior and build a relationship with Him.  The dear ones who receive Christ through our witness are a testament to your generosity and love.

In our absence from Zambia the work continues.  Bro. and Mrs. Paine are doing a great job working with Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola, and we hear regular good reports from them as well as from our church family.  Soul-winning and discipling are continuing; new folks are visiting the church, and Jill and I look forward to our return.

Thank you so much for the part that you play in the Lord’s work.  We appreciate your partnership and I believe that the Lord is very pleased as well with your sacrifice of time to pray for us and your generous contributions that make everything possible.  We pray that the Lord blesses you and your family this holiday season and throughout the New Year!

No Turning Back,                                                                                                       Andy and Jill Schultz

“Gratitude is a decision of the will, and if a decision of the will,                             the choice resides squarely with us. Deciding to be thankful is no easy task.         It takes work.”                                     ~C. Swindoll