The services today at Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola were such a blessing.  Last week we had three people receive Christ as their Savior and this week we baptized three.  It was very encouraging.  Although our flock here is small, it is great to see the Holy Spirit moving and the lost being saved and Christians growing.

This morning we baptized three who had recently received Jesus Christ as their Savior. We have two more waiting to complete their baptism class and then be baptized. The Lord is good.

This morning we woke to the smell of rain in the air.  There was no rain, but the smell was refreshing and encouraging.  We have not had any rain since around May and do not expect any until, at earliest, next month, but the fragrance was so welcome.  One of the Bemba songs that Jill chose for the song service today was “There Shall Be Showers of Blessing” (Kukabe Mfula Ye Palo) and it was enthusiastically sung by the congregation.

The Sunday announcements at Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola this morning.

Today was a bit bitter-sweet.  We had great services but it was overshadowed with sadness since it was our last service in Zambia until March.  This is just our fourth furlough since 1995, and it will be only 6 months long, but the people of Zambia are engrafted in our hearts.  The Lord has answered our prayers and made us a part of Zambia and Zambia a part of us.  The truth is, we will be leaving our home to return to the US for our furlough.  We praise the Lord for calling us to serve Him here and we look forward to being here again to continue our service. 

The ladies of Calvary Baptist Church sang a special during the prelude to the morning service. It was beautiful.

Thank you very much for your prayers for our relief missionaries who arrived last week.  Their work permit was approved and they and their luggage arrived safely.  The past 10 days have been very busy with them adjusting to Zambia and learning all that they need to know to function adequately here in our absence.  The Paines are quick learners and very teachable.  They have quickly become friends.  Please continue to pray for them as they serve here in Zambia in our absence.

On Tuesday Jill and I will travel from Zambia to South Africa, to Dubai, then on to Chicago.  We will leave Zambia at 11:30 in the morning on Tuesday and arrive in Chicago on Wednesday around midnight Zambia time.  Total flight time is just over 24 hours.  Please pray with us that the Lord will go before us and smooth out any problems before they happen and bring us and our luggage safely to the United States.  (An upgrade from cattle class would be appreciated too! ha ha)

On Thursday we will then travel to Florida to spend a few days with our girls.  It has been a while since I have seen them and although they will be busy with school it will be nice to see them and to spend Andrea’s birthday with her.  Please pray for God’s provision in travel for this trip as well, especially since we have to connect through Atlanta.

Jill and I are excited about visiting in some of our supporting churches and sharing how the Lord is working here in Zambia.  Thank you so much for your prayers for our family and for the Lord’s work here in Zambia.