This week was our third annual Teen Camp at Calvary Baptist Church and the Lord blessed greatly!  Missionary David Rea and his family from the capital city, Lusaka, drove up and Bro. Rea was the guest speaker.  The camp was staffed by the members of our church.  The church ladies came together and cooked the lunch meals and two members took their vacation days at work so they could serve as counsellors to the 33 campers.  We also had 3 youths who grew up in the teen group, but are no longer teens, who served as assistant counsellors.  It was a team effort and the results were fantastic.  Today, the church was enthusiastic as we gave our report and honored the teens who quoted the most Bible passages.  Thank you for praying for us this week.

We provide quiet time daily for the teens to get alone and talk to God and make decisions based on the preaching they are hearing. It is a blessing to see teens taking this time to read their Bible and talk to the Lord.

Today at church we had very good attendance with 3 first-time visitors and 4 returning visitors.  The Lord blessed and many responded during the invitation.

We greatly need your prayers during the next 2-3 weeks.  The furlough transition has begun and there are many things to do.  

The missionary couple, Leo and Cathy Paine, who will be watching over the Lord’s Work in our absence will arrive in Zambia this Friday.  Please pray for their safety in travel.  We submitted their travel documents to immigration in July and they were supposed to be ready weeks ago, but are not ready yet.  Please pray with us that the Lord will intercede and their documents will be approved and ready for their arrival.  The Paines would appreciate your prayers as they get used to our routine and life in Zambia.

Please also pray for our transition to the United States.  Because this furlough is so much shorter than our previous ones, the preparation and adjustments that previously took 4 weeks to complete upon our arrival in the US, will now need to be completed in just a few days.  We are praying that the Lord will go before us and make our efforts successful and efficient.  Please pray with us for a smooth transition from serving in Zambia to reporting to churches in the United States.

Thank you for your prayers for our health.  In my last update I asked you to pray for a health issue that I was having.  The Lord did resolve it, but it required outpatient surgery in a local clinic.  The Lord blessed and I am feeling much better.  Thank you for your prayers.

Have you ever considered contributing to the Lord’s Work and ministry by donating your frequent flyer miles?  During furlough we travel a lot by air and your excess miles could be a real blessing to us.  If you are interested, contact us at

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers.  Your prayers really do make ALL the difference.  You may never know the impact that your prayers have had on our family and the Lord’s Work, but it is significant.  Thank you for standing with us.

As our camp is a Bible camp, the main part of our activities is scripture memorization. There is ample time given each day for teens to memorize and quote scripture. Each passage is worth a certain number of points and at the end of camp the memorization points that each teen earns is added to their team. The winning team receives a prize.
Jill is the musical one in our family (and the artistic one) and she loves planning, then leading, the singing at camp. Our music service is enthusiastic and exciting and the teens love it!
Each day during camp we had numerous fun and crazy games that the teens participated in. Here the teens are cheering for their teammates.
Each day at camp we also play “Field Games” outside. Somedays it is volleyball, football (soccer), handball or basketball. For the game pictured the teens made two circles holding hands and competed against one another to see which team could move a hula hoop all the way around their circle without letting go of the hands. It was great.
Each day at camp we serve the teens a tasty lunch. The ladies of the church work hard to prepare the menu that Jill has planned. Here Jill takes her turn stirring Nshima which is very hard work. This year we were able to purchase a two plate gas stove that made the cooking so much easier. We praise the Lord for our supporters that helped our camp be amazing this year!
Four of our teen campers with their craft from this year. Jill taught them how to make “Ezekiel Wheels” and the kids loved it. They worked hard and each child took home a beautiful decoration for their room.