Today when we asked for prayer requests I heard a man ask for prayer for his sister who suffered a miscarriage at 7 months, and for his mother who had a slight stroke.  There was a man who asked prayer for his wayward son, and another who mentioned his ailing 90+ year old father.  A man asked prayer for his nephew in jail and another for his brother who has been missing for a month.  One asked for prayer for an aunt who is unsaved, and another for a physical healing for his wife.  I thought, “these sound like requests that I might hear in a church in the United States”.  You know, that is the truth of the matter.  People are people no matter where you are.  Although we are separated by many miles and our cultures differ we all go through similar difficulties and trials. Whether our prayers come from a hut, an apartment or a house, it is wonderful that the same great God watches over each of us and cares for every single request.  Please remember the above prayer requests this week.

Some of the ladies of Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola singing a special during the morning service today.

We had good services today.  I think the cold kept some people from being on time for Sunday school and that was a pity because we learned about Esau and Jacob and how Esau’s rash and sensual desires caused him to lose his birthright.  There was so much in that lesson that can apply to each of us.

Jill explaining one of the maneuvers while teaching the church ladies cross stitching.

Yesterday, Jill continued her activity with some of the church ladies.  You might remember that she was teaching them how to use various cross-stitch patterns.  Jill had a great time with the lesson and the ladies were very involved and interested.  After their lesson they asked if they could practice a song to sing for the church.  They did, and the church was blessed by their special before the preaching service.

Jill with some of the ladies of Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola displaying their cross stitch practice.

Today we introduced the theme and banner for our Teen Camp which will take place August 20-24.  This is the third year that we have had our own camp.  We have found it to be a blessing to our church members and the teens alike.  The teen camp is just for the teens of our church (meaning we do not use it yet as an evangelistic outreach, it is just to build up and bless our teens).  This year we increased the price one dollar to a total of $10 per camper.  This does not cover the cost of camp but it is a good price that most families can afford.  We offer work scholarships throughout the year as well where a teen can earn half of the cost of the camp registration.  Along with the preaching and games and activities we also include a great lunch each day plus prizes and other incentives.  The last day of camp we go to a nearby game park to view animals and have a cookout before the last sermon is preached.  We believe that young lives are changed each year as a result of this endeavor.

Our camp theme this year is from Isaiah 7:15 and is “Refuse the evil and choose the good”.  Jill again did an excellent job in designing and then making our banner.  Please start praying with us even now for the Lord to bless all those involved and for Him to give us a great week!

Thank you very much for your prayers for our daughter Anna who had 4 impacted wisdom teeth surgically removed on Friday.  The procedure lasted about an hour and went very smoothly.  Anna could not sleep Friday because of the swelling and pain but on Saturday fared much better.  Lord willing she will be able to return to normal activities early this week.  Please pray with us for her quick recovery.  We miss our children very much, and look forward to seeing them in just a few short weeks.

Please pray with us for our upcoming furlough.  There is much to do to prepare both here in Zambia and in the United States.  Please pray for the Lord to go before us and to make our plans effective.

Thank you also for your continued prayers for the healing of Jill’s nerve-damaged foot.  

Your prayers are essential to the success and well being of your missionaries.  Please remember them throughout the week and lift our family up to our Lord.  Your partnership with us in ministry is greatly appreciated.  Lord bless you!