Today at Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola we honored fathers for Father’s Day and we had our first baby/child dedication Sunday.  We had announced for a few weeks the baby dedication, but we did not promote the Father’s day activities.  Even so, we still had 9 fathers present.  Each received a nice gift bag with a claw hammer, a reversible screwdriver (standard and phillips) and a 10mm wrench.  As a gag we also included a napkin with a very realistic $100 bill printed on it.  The fathers were surprised to be so honored and the congregation oohed and awed as each tool was revealed from the gift bags.  It was a very happy time.  It was through the special love offering of one of our supporting churches that we were able to give such a nice gift to each father today.

The Father’s Day gifts given to Dads today at Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola.

We saw one young man receive Christ as his Savior today!  Praise the Lord!  We also had two men who were first time visitors and many returning visitors from the previous weeks.  It was a wonderful day in the house of our Lord!

In Sunday school I continued my lessons on Abraham and taught on Abraham offering Isaac in obedience to the Lord’s request.  The point of the lesson that I tried to convey was that God did not actually want Abraham’s son as a sacrifice, He wanted to see if He had Abraham’s heart.  It is a sad condition today when individuals love the gifts and blessings that they receive from God more than they love God.

Baby/Child Dedication Sunday at Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola. These families came to dedicate their children to the Lord in recognition that our children belong to God and we are simply temporary stewards of them.

In the morning service I preached a sermon that was in tune with the activities of the day – Father’s Day and the baby/child dedication.  Since these two topics compliment each other it was easy to preach an uplifting sermon about the necessity for parents to raise their children for the Lord, and the responsibility that the Lord puts upon parents to be good examples and not hypocrites.  The altar was full during the invitation and we pray that many people will make a great effort to set a good example for their children and raise them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Thank you very much for your prayers for Jill as she traveled back from the United States this week.  Jill began her travels at lunch time on Monday and did not arrive here until Wednesday at 3:30am CST (our lunch time).  She was very tired.  She had good flights though and on the longest flight had 4 seats to herself and was able to stretch out a bit.  It takes a while to get used to the sleep schedule here and it seems like the older we get, the longer it takes.  It is great to have her back.

Andy and Jill at lunch soon after Jill’s return to Zambia.

While in the United States Jill was able to see a neurologist regarding the stretched nerve in her leg that has caused her to have the condition “drop foot” where she is unable to flex her foot upward.  She was prescribed a brace and met with a physical therapist to learn some stretches and exercises.  It was a good experience and the Lord really showed His provision in the way that Jill was able to see a specialist on such short notice.

At the airport in Dubai Jill had to walk almost a whole mile to get from one gate to the next.  If not for the brace she said that she would not have been able to make it and would have needed assistance.  Please pray for her continued recovery.  The neurologist said that recovery could happen up through February but after that, and limitations would be permanent.  Please join me in praying that the Lord will heal the nerve in her leg and that the “drop foot” will be relieved.

The cold season is now upon us.  It is very dry, the rains are finished and there will be no precipitation until October/November.  There is a lot of dust and wind.  The fields are being burned so there is also a lot of ash floating down.  On Wednesday at our prayer meeting there was so much ash falling out of the sky I told our Zambians that it looked like snow flurries.  The temperatures overnight have been getting down into the upper 40’s.  That is cold for us.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers for our family and for the Lord’s Ministry here in Zambia.  The Lord is blessing and we feel honored to be able to represent you and our Lord here in this wonderful country.  Please pray for more laborers for this open and worthy mission field.

Our next three months here will be very busy as we prepare for our annual youth camp in August and our furlough in September.  Please pray that the Lord will go before us and make our way straight and clear.  Lord bless you and Happy Father’s Day!