Today at church our numbers were a bit down.  Last week we were up, today down.  I think it is just the normal ebb and flow work schedules, illnesses, and the weather.  Today was very nice, with the temperature around 65 degrees.  We are beginning our cold season and that temperature is considered cold here and believe it or not, some people use that as an excuse to stay home from church.  Those of us who ventured out to church had a great day of services.  One of our returning visitors brought another visitor with her this week.  This is the second week in a row that she has done that.  We praise the Lord for people who appreciate a church that unapologetically preaches the truth of God’s Word.

In Sunday school we continued our lessons on Abraham and discussed the two times that Abraham lied and said that Sarah was his sister.  It was a very interactive and informative lesson.  We all had a great time with a lot of laughter along the way.  Christians can (and should) laugh.  What better place to have a great time than in the house of the Lord, learning from God’s Word?

In the morning service I preached about “Not the Messiah we were looking for, but the Messiah we needed”.  The main point was that often we look to Jesus to only fill some material need.  (Prosperity Gospel is a big problem in Africa.)  Sometimes we look to Jesus to be an “insurance” policy or so that we can be “blessed” and we miss the whole point of the reason why Jesus came to Earth.  ~ To seek and to save that which was lost. ~ Many Jews of the New Testament missed the Messiah, many Jews of today and even some “Christians” miss the Messiah as well because they are looking for the wrong Messiah.  Sadly, satan provides many counterfeits.

The congregation of Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola last week. There is room to grow. Please pray for the Lord to give increase!

Please be in special prayer for a young lady in our church.  Tammy* is a teen that was abandoned as a child by her parents and lives with relatives and is a bit developmentally simple.  She ran away from her relative’s home repeatedly and on Friday gave birth to a little girl.  The delivery was difficult and there were complications.  We are not sure how serious she is but there is a problem and she remains in the hospital.  She has expressed no desire for the child and the baby will probably be left to her relatives to care for and raise.  Please pray for this young girl to return to the Lord, and for her extended family who will have the challenge of raising this little baby.

Please pray for Jill this Tuesday as she flies from Florida back up to Illinois.  She will be there for one week and then will travel back to Zambia the following week.  Please pray for her as she travels this week and for Anna as she gets adjusted to life in the dormitory and her new job.  Jill has enjoyed the last week being with the girls and doing special things with them.

I am looking forward to Jill’s return to Zambia.  It has been 21 days since she left and there are still 10 days until she gets back.  I have been out of clean clothes for 12 days.  (Just kidding!)  I really do miss her.  The house is very empty and big without Jill and the kids here.  I am doing my best to keep busy.  It is very nice to be able to email and text one another.

This summer will be very full.  We are already planning our annual Teen Camp in August and then in September, Jill and I will head back to the US for a 6 month furlough.  Please pray for the Lord to go before us this summer and help things to fall into place and to run smoothly.

Thank you very much for your prayers for our family.  You are an important part of the Lord’s ministry team here in Zambia.  We are happy to labor together with you for eternal dividends in glory.  Thank you for your faithfulness.


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Our family back in 2002. We were taking a family vacation to Lake Kariba in Southern Zambia. This is in the lodge that we stayed at high above the huge lake. Many happy memories here.