Thank you very much for your prayers this week for Jill and Anna as they traveled back to the United States.  They left Zambia around lunch time on Monday and arrived at my parent’s home around 11pm on Tuesday.  That is a long time traveling!  We praise the Lord that they arrived safely as did all their luggage.  

Since their arrival they have had a whirlwind of doctor’s appointments as well as meetings with the DMV to get Jill’s license renewed and Anna’s permit reinstated.  Lord willing, Anna will be able to take her behind-the-wheel test this week and get her license.

Believe it or not, this is a good road during the rainy season. Roads that are hard to traverse can be a hinderance to visiting and soul-winning.

The Lord worked miraculously and Jill was able to get a referral to a neurologist to look at her foot.  Even though the appointments were backed up for 4 months, they made a spot to see Jill.  Unfortunately, the news from the neurologist is not encouraging.  We have hope in the Lord though, for through Him all things are possible.  Jill has an appointment this week with a physical therapist and another appointment to get fitted for a brace for her foot.

This Saturday Jill and Anna will fly to Florida to meet Andrea and Allison and to get Anna moved into her dorm and situated in her summer job.

Please pray for our family during this time.  Anna and Allison both have been sick.  Please pray that the Lord will help everyone to feel better and will give safety in travel.

Today at church our attendance was a bit disappointing.  Our church is small and the absence of a few members is keenly felt.  Most of our members are fortunate to be employed but some work rotating shifts which keeps them out of church every other Sunday.  Some have employers that regularly send them out of town on the weekends.  It can be discouraging to prepare a good lesson and sermon – one that you know folks need to hear and then see that many are missing.  On the other hand, I praise the Lord for those who were able to attend.  We even had 4 visitors today.  I was encouraged to see the attention that the message received by those who attended.

I started our Sunday School lessons on Abraham, and then I preached about Assurance of Salvation.  Many people here, even folks in our church I am afraid, believe that it is possible for you to lose your salvation.  Ideas that you have been taught repeatedly for years are hard to overcome.  Because of the questions that I am asked on Wednesdays at our question and answer time I can tell that some people struggle with the concept of “once saved, always saved”.  In my opinion, patience and repetition are the keys.  In many of the folks that I deal with, they have been indoctrinated in works-based salvation and so it makes sense that if there is something that they can do to earn their salvation, there is also something that they can do to lose it.  Please pray for clarity of the Lord’s Word for these dear believers.  The facts of God’s Word must be allowed to overcome the fears that come from our feelings.

Yesterday, I received a bad phone call from the United States.  My step-dad was involved in a serious car accident and was being transported to the hospital by ambulance.  I tried to reach my mom on her cell phone but there was no answer.  It was horrible sitting here and not knowing what was going on.  What a comfort to be able to talk to my heavenly Father and share my concerns with Him.  In the end, as the Lord would have it, my dad, Joe, was ok.  He was released to go home to rest.  The truck was a total loss, but I am so happy that my mom and Joe were fine.  Thanks for your prayers for our family.  You never know how your prayers will help.

While out soul-winning on Saturdays we often find housewives doing laundry or cleaning house. Many have jobs during the week and tend to their household needs on the weekends.

Last week one of our church members asked me to pray for his 10 month-old nephew who was hospitalized with double pneumonia.  I prayed with the member immediately and then wrote a prayer request update on our FaceBook Ministry page – Schultz Ministry.  So many of you commented that you were praying for this little boy named Innocent Chanda.  Over the days of last week we saw improvement and today his uncle cornered me before church and told me that when his nephew was released from the hospital his sister, the boy’s mother, was so happy that she called him to thank him for our prayers.  He confided in me that at the time when the baby was admitted, he was in such bad condition that his mother had lost hope and was convinced that the baby would die.  What a strong answer to prayer.  THANK YOU for taking the time to pray for a little baby on the other side of the world!  The Lord moved, the baby recovered, and through this we will have an opportunity to witness to his family.

Your prayers are vital!  You may not have a specific request to pray for our family but please pray anyway!  The Lord knows what needs we have and He is quick to hear your prayers and provide for our spiritual and physical needs.  Thank you for your faithfulness.

Our family in November of 2010. The Lord blessed me with a great wife and He blessed Jill and me with 4 great children. Happy to serve our Savior in Zambia!