April 2018 Praiseletter

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Dear Praying Friends,

While out soul-winning last week I came across a man whom I had led to the Lord last year about this time.  Kevin* was at work and as I passed his workshop he came out and walked with me. Kevin received the Lord as his Savior last March and was very genuine in his conversion.  I remember sitting with him in his small sitting room as a storm raged outside.  Water dripped on me through the roof as he bowed his head and asked Jesus to save him.  Kevin and I met for Christian growth (discipleship) classes for a few weeks but then work commitments started causing him to miss and slowly he stopped attending church as well.  As a mechanic, a lot of people wanted him to work on their cars on Sundays and it was very hard for him to say no since he really needed the money.  As we walked together, I asked about his spiritual growth and he admitted it has been lacking.  He said that he had gone back to his original church – his wife’s church, and although they teach a different doctrine, he is satisfied there.  Clasping my shoulders, he expressed his gratitude to me for showing him the true way of salvation and said, “I am happy to be a born-again Seventh Day Adventist”!

Sadly, this is often the case in our soul-winning endeavors.  A person will accept Christ and then return to the church where they have grown up or where their family attends.  I am sure that many pastors and missionaries face this problem.  Kevin has such potential, and it is sad to see him attending a church where he is starving spiritually just because he is comfortable there.  

At Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola we preach the Truth and we do it with kindness and love.  Our Youth group is excellent and they have a sweet spirit.  One visitor commented that it was the first youth group he had been to where the Bible is actually taught and where the young men and women do not pair off during the activity.  We are also conservative in our music and in our worship.  Sadly, people get used to a charismatic-type service and they find it hard to change even when they realize they are not growing spiritually.  Please join with us in praying that the Lord will give increase to Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola.

In Zambia there are so many opportunities to minister and to witness.  One opportunity that is often overlooked is the large Indian population.  Because of Zambia’s ties to Britain during the colonial years, today most cities have a large area devoted to people of Indian ancestry.  Most are still devoutly Hindu.  Jill and I have many Indian friends who we witness to and spend time in their homes and they in ours. Unfortunately, we have yet to see any fruit from this endeavor.  Please pray that our witnessing will bear fruit, and that the Lord will send more laborers to reach these various groups of people.

Please pray for Jill and Anna as they will be traveling to the US in May.  Anna has been graduated from high school, and will work during the summer before starting college in the fall. Jill will return to Zambia in June, and we will hold our annual youth camp in August. Then in September we will travel to the US for a 7 month furlough.  Please pray with us that the Lord will work everything out to His glory.  We appreciate your prayers!

No Turning Back,

Andy and Jill Schultz

“Someone else is happy with less than what you have.”