This week was very special because yesterday we held the high school graduation ceremony for our daughter Anna, our last child living at home.  Anna actually has a couple of weeks to go to finish all her curriculum, but Saturday was the day when we could get everyone together who she wanted to invite.  We had a great time celebrating this achievement in Anna’s life. Jill has done an excellent job of homeschooling all of our children.  It is hard to believe that in just two weeks we will be finished with homeschooling.

Anna on the day of her graduation from High School with three of her good friends.

When we first arrived in Zambia Judah, our firstborn, was 21 months old, and Andrea was just 3 months old.  Allison and Anna were born here in Zambia.  For the past 20 years Jill has taught each child from kindergarten up through 12th grade.  Judah, Andrea and Allison are now in the United States in school, and next month Jill will travel with Anna to help her get settled in and ready for school in the Fall.

Our children here in Zambia in December 2000. From left to right there is Allison, Judah and Andrea. Judah is holding Anna.

Jill and Anna will travel to the US in May and then Jill will return to Zambia in June.  We will work together here until September when we will both return to the US for a 7 month furlough.  Please pray for Jill and Anna as they prepare to travel to the United States, and please pray that the Lord will work everything out here and in the US so that our furlough flows smoothly and we can report to as many of our supporting churches as possible.

Please pray for Andrea and Allison at college.  Finals are coming up in just a few weeks and they are very busy studying and quite nervous about their exams.  They are both good students and very hard workers.  Judah also is due this week to take a certification test for one of the courses that he has recently completed.  This certification will be necessary for him to move forward with his continuing education and key to finding a good job.  Please pray for all of our children.

We had a great day today at Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola.  We had one first-time visitor and a full auditorium.  Of course, the day was beautiful – sunny and clear and in the mid 70’s – a typical Zambian day.  The Lord was with us and we had a great time in Sunday School as we talked about the flood and Noah’s Ark, and then I preached a sermon about the necessity of Thankfulness in a Christian.

The youth group of Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola singing “Seek Ye First” on Sunday April 22, 2018. They did an excellent job and the song was even sweeter knowing that most of these youth truly are seeking the Lord’s Will first in their lives.

The youth sang a special today – “Seek Ye First”, and it was so beautiful, it really touched my heart.  I am going to try to learn how to post videos to these updates so that I can share with you some of the special music and such from our church members.  We love our youth and our Youth Leaders.  We praise the Lord for what the Lord is doing in Calvary Baptist Church in the youth group.  Please pray for our youth!

Please pray for our Christians and for Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola.  Last week we added three adults as new members of the church but we are always striving to win more people to Christ.  Please pray that our soul-winning efforts will be successful and that we will see many turn to Christ and accept Him as their Savior.

Thank you for your partnership in ministry with us in reaching Zambia for Christ. This is a team effort and without your prayers and faithful support, the successes here on the field would not be possible!

Jill snapped this photo at our church property. What a beautiful representation of God’s handiwork. It is especially significant since I am currently teaching on the Biblical flood in Sunday School. (April 2018)