Thank you for your continuing prayers for our family and the Lord’s Work here in Zambia.

Because of the Cholera outbreak, this Sunday we again asked folks to refrain from shaking hands.  Other than that, we had our regular services this week.  I am glad that we did, because the Lord blessed greatly, especially today.  God is good all the time!

After checking with the police we found that we were permitted to hold our services during the Cholera outbreak. For health safety we asked everyone not to greet one another by shaking hands until the outbreak is over.

This morning our attendance was way up.  We had six first time visitors and nine returning recent visitors, plus many members attended as well!  It was a blessing to be able to preach to a full house.  Please pray that we will be able to see many of these visitors become regular attendees and members.

While out visiting I came across these young boys “hunting” with their homemade bows and arrows. These are city boys so their “hunting” is just play. I had a good time talking to them and playing with them between visits.

Now that the holidays are over our regular programs at the church have resumed.  Jill is continuing her adult reading class twice a week, plus we have weekly discipleship, monthly ladies meetings, library organization, cleaning and preparation, weekly prayer meeting and Bible study, men’s prayer meeting and men and ladies visitation.

Tomorrow one of our faithful members at Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola is having an eye operation at the local teaching hospital.  Will you please join us in prayer for this dear lady?

Also, please pray with us for our nephew, Ben Trimble, in the Philippines.  For a few days now he has had some confusing and concerning physical symptoms.  His parents are understandably concerned.  Please pray that the Lord will guide the doctors and Eddie and Becky Trimble as they work to get this resolved.

In our own home, please pray for Anna – she has been under the weather for a couple of days.  Also please remember our son Judah and Andrea and Allison in the United States.

Thank you for your partnership in ministry.  It is a blessing to be able to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of those to whom we have been called to serve.  Lord bless you!