March 2017 Praiseletter

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Dear Praying Friends,

The dark clouds were already filling the sky as Kevin* showed me into his small two room home. I had met Kevin a few weeks earlier while trying to get a pipe for my house repaired in the downtown market. Kevin and his friend were sitting outside their shop on their break, and he offered to walk me over to where I could find the man to do the repair. Afterwards, I gave Kevin a church brochure and invited him to our services. That Sunday Kevin and his young son were our visitors. His home was neat and tidy but very modest; just a bedroom and a sitting room. The metal roof was shiny new with very few holes. He introduced me to his wife, Priscilla* and to his adult cousin, Charles*. We all sat in the small sitting room. We talked for a bit and when I started talking about salvation, Kevin and Charles said they wanted to know more. Just as I opened my New Testament the clouds opened as well. The rain was beating on the metal roof like a cymbal. Before long I was shouting to the men as I witnessed to them. Soon I felt moisture spreading across my leg. One of the few holes in the roof was right above me, but I did not want to do anything to interrupt the witnessing. I continued and as the gale force wind buffeted the house and rain slammed into the roof, Kevin and Charles asked Jesus to be their Savior. Kevin wants to learn more about the Lord and being a Christian, while Charles is happy in the Dutch Reformed Church he currently attends. Please pray for Kevin as we help him to grow and also for his wife and son to receive Christ as well.

In Zambia you will find many orphans. Some have lost their parents through illness or accidents, and some are “practical” orphans. Practical orphans are children who have been abandoned by their parents. Many times when a woman marries or remarries, she abandons her current children to start a “new” family with her new husband. Usually these children are taken in and cared for by relatives. Sometimes they are treated poorly by their “adopted” families who treat them as unpaid servants and abuse them. In Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola, 75% of the families care for orphaned relatives. I am happy to say that they care for them properly too, like their own children. They receive no help from the government or other sources for this, they just do it out of love and obligation for their family. Please pray for these families who give and love so unselfishly. It is an honor to be able to serve such people.

Our August Teen Camp is just around the corner. We are already praying and planning to have an exciting week of ministering to these youths. We need to purchase some items for the camp. These items, like a 48″ BIG ball and other sports equipment will be able to be reused year after year if cared for properly. If you would like to invest in our youth here in Zambia by giving toward this need please let us know. This would be a great project for a VBS offering. Please pray with us for the Lord to move powerfully in our youth this summer.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. Your efforts are having a great impact in many lives and families here in Zambia. Thank you for partnering with our family.

No Turning Back,

Andrew Schultz

I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess. – Martin Luther